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My Trip to Kenya

I visited Kenya during the holiday season (December 20-27) and went on a 3-day Maasai Mara safari with Perfect Safaris. The trip was amazing and it reminded me about the importance of conservation. I was also reminded about how lucky I am to be living in the United States, especially as a female. I saw many examples of extreme poverty while traveling from my hotel in Nairobi to the safari site. I realized once again, the importance of helping people as foundational to creating a more environmentally friend world.

My favorite part of the safari was when I saw a pride of lions feasting on a fresh kill. I saw many wonderful animals enjoying themselves in a natural habitat. I saw four out of the Big Five. We were not able to see the rhino - I was told that they are the most difficult to find. I also attended a tour of one of the Maasai Mara communities and learned about their culture. While I am not in favor of some of their social practices, I sincerely appreciate their appreciation for animals and conservation.

One specific thing about the Maasai Mara community that I greatly appreciate is their focus on the importance of humans and animals living together in harmony. Human-wildlife conflict is a major global phenomenon, and one that requires a lot of research and community outreach and understanding to solve. The Maasai Mara community has set an example for the world of how humans and wildlife can co-habitat by reserving natural habitat for wildlife.

I am very appreciative for having had the opportunity to go to Kenya and attend the safari. It is a once in a lifetime experience - or maybe it will be a multiple times in my lifetime experience!


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