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Trees From Above

The Shutay Institute for Conservation

Mission Statement

The Shutay Institute for Conservation seeks to reduce biodiversity loss and deforestation through advocacy, research, and education.

Foggy Forest

Important Facts

Deforestation is a global problem that severely threatens biodiversity, ecosystem services, and our environmental sustainability

  • Trees serve as carbon sinks that help combat climate change

  • Trees help mitigate flooding from stormwater

  • Trees improve air and water quality

  • Trees support biodiversity by providing food, shelter, and habitats for various species

  • Trees increase property values

Why Should We Care?

The Importance of Trees

Water Lake Landscape

Ecosystem Services

Trees help improve water quality, air quality, and management of storm water.  It is imperative that we support initiatives geared towards conserving land and trees.

Image by David Clode


Trees and forests support biodiverse ecosystems by providing protection and habitats for many species. Without biodiversity, many of our ecosystem services would degrade.

Image by Markus Spiske

Climate Change

Trees serve as carbon sinks, which helps to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere, thereby reducing the impact of climate change on the environment.

The Shutay Institute for Conservation

14021 West Dublin Drive, Homer Glen, IL 60491


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Foggy Forest
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